Leaving Savannah, GA

After a busy week with family on vacation in Savannah, GA, it was time to head back home to Durango, CO. In a three-phase journey, the first leg was driving to catch a plane in Atlanta. Here’s how the view looked from the back-seat:


Better than a back seat driver, right?!

Only three pages left in my last mini sketchbook…

Family Vacation in Savannah, GA

For a few years now we’ve talked about having a family get-together of some sort. This year we went ahead and reserved a house in Savannah, Georgia. With a few month’s notice and everyone’s buy-in, the family gathering finally happened. It was certainly nice to get together without the event of a funeral or wedding.

Here are some of the sights from the week: Continue reading Family Vacation in Savannah, GA

Mini Sketches

I’m trying to instill the habit of sketching whenever I get the chance. The mini sketchbooks are coming in really handy, as I can carry one in my pocket just about everywhere we go. Here are a few of the scenes I’ve jotted down over the last couple of weeks:

Ashley at the coffee shop:

While Ashley ran to the restroom I caught the neighbors on paper.

Another quick stop at a coffee shop before heading to the hospital (you may notice a recurring them, both in subject and locale 😀 )

Still Ashley, but we’re waiting for our Thai food to arrive. Delicious!
Sitting at another coffee shop, this is the building across the street.

On an afternoon spent with a friend, we ended up at a tire shop to repair a flat. This fella was passing his time in the waiting room…

Capturing Christmas via Sketches

In my Christmas stocking I found a pack of three small Moleskine sketchbooks – which I’d been wanting for some time, but not badly enough to buy for myself. Perfect!

We packed up the RV and drove to Matt and Brittney’s for a Christmas family get together. While there, I sketched a few scenes – a couple in my regular sketchbook but mostly in my new travel-sized ones!

For reference:

The nieces turn into iZombies as soon as they can use their phones/iPods.

Watching “Elf” on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps the only image of the Christmas tree before our favorite hooligans “re-arranged” all of the presents.

Proud (but tired) parents watching the opening of the presents.

Here’s a quick sketch of the view out the front window. What a lovely place!It was far too short of a visit, as always!