Ashley’s new favorite hat

For Christmas, niece Bailee received a hand-made (with love!) hat from Aunt Joni. Ashley really liked it and was, dare I say, jealous. For giggles, she pretended like she might be taking it with her when we pulled out. We snapped a picture and, instead of drawing the cafeteria the other morning I sketched out Ashley enjoying Bailee’s gift. 😀

Joni loved that Ashley loved it, and we’re eagerly awaiting the mail man’s arrival. He’s supposed to be delivering a hat of her very own some time later today. 😀

Capturing Christmas via Sketches

In my Christmas stocking I found a pack of three small Moleskine sketchbooks – which I’d been wanting for some time, but not badly enough to buy for myself. Perfect!

We packed up the RV and drove to Matt and Brittney’s for a Christmas family get together. While there, I sketched a few scenes – a couple in my regular sketchbook but mostly in my new travel-sized ones!

For reference:

The nieces turn into iZombies as soon as they can use their phones/iPods.

Watching “Elf” on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps the only image of the Christmas tree before our favorite hooligans “re-arranged” all of the presents.

Proud (but tired) parents watching the opening of the presents.

Here’s a quick sketch of the view out the front window. What a lovely place!It was far too short of a visit, as always!