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Where do the quotes come from?

text - Quotable
You would think that with me drawing a picture a day, with no ending time specified, that I might soon run out of quotes to base my drawings on. My concern, however, is that I will never draw near to the end of my quotes list. My work will never be finished.

Even though I am , I am reading also. And keeping my eyes open while out in stores and exploring wherever I happen to be. Every day I mark a quote off of my list, drawn and shared. But I add at least one new one, frequently more than one.

So where do the quotes come from?

On a daily basis I read through a variety of email newsletters that I’ve subscribed to, a number of different blogs covering a variety of topics, whatever books I am currently working on, and anything else that catches my eye. All in addition to the various podcasts that I have subscribed to. Even though I periodically prune out sources that don’t interest me any longer, I still find that my daily reading/consumption list continues to grow longer over time.

I always have a notebook or computer handy so that I can jot down quotes that pique my interest while going about my day. My eyes and ears are always peeled, whether working through my daily list, listening to the radio, watching billboards go by, or even checking out sayings on labels at the grocery store. There’s no telling where I will notice a particular turn of phrase that I will want to record.

Old Habits

This is something that I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a “quotes” list somewhere. Whether that was tucked away in a journal or stashed in a .txt file on a floppy drive (now that probably dates me) or emailed to myself, one quote at a time. It seems that I just can’t help myself.

Once you start looking, quotes can be found all over the place.

And then it’s just a matter of capturing them for future reference, in a method that is easy to look through as needed.