More sketching homework

After my last sketching assignment, I was ready for the next one. Both because I wasn’t please with the fifth sketch and because I wanted to move on. And so, my next bit of homework was to draw an image using 5-7 continuous lines, one for each major structure. Time was limited to 15 minutes.

I adjusted my script accordingly so that the time was accurate, and set about to work on the sketch. Didn’t take a photo of the line-drawing only as the timer was running and I wanted to get my darks in place. Here’s the finished sketch:

Sketching homework

I love the look of “urban sketching” which is the act of going out and recording the world around you from direct observation. One of my old sketchbooks has drawings of classmates in highschool, captured while in class. At least they were paying attention! 😀 So, apparently, I’ve been doing a version of urban sketching since before it was a thing. (Not that it’s some new concept…)

While researching, I ran across this post on Citizen Sketcher with sketching assignments. Since I’m working on getting back in practice, I figured why not!

The assignment that I worked on is to create 5 small sketches using a single, continuous line in each one. Set a timer to limit each sketch to 4 minutes. Afterward, go back with a brush pen to add dark shadows (which I didn’t have, so I used a dying sharpie instead).

Instead of going out on location, I found photos online to work from and wrote a script that automatically displayed them for four minutes, one after the other, with a 5 second break in between. So my focus was on sketching and not having to worry about the clock.

The initial line drawings:

Then with darks added: