The Trixie Trilogy

Mom asked for a portrait of her new favorite child, her dog Trixie (a puptrait?) While my sister and I have been replaced -le sigh- at least Trixie is cute. Here’s the process from draft to finished sketch.

I started with pencil in order to work out proportions and general placement – especially with all of the strands of hair, trying to make sure ahem every hair is in it’s place.

Then I pulled out my drawing pens and began to go over the sketch, adding more detail as I went.

While most of the lines are done with an 05 Micron, I also used an 08 for really solid areas like eyes and nose and the 03 for finer details such faint shadows.

Getting closer! Just a few more details, now.

And the final step is to go back and erase the sketch guide-lines so that only the ink remains.

Add a signature, write a note to accompany it, and then carefully pack it and send it on for Mom and Gary to enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Trixie Trilogy”

  1. Absolute perfection. . . !!! Is your signature hiding in the hairs somewhere? Are you making me hunt for it?? You rascal! Love Love Love Love you for using your talent for me!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t know that I’d say it’s hiding, but it is tucked in there. I wanted it to blend in – so, success! 😀

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