Super Wire Stick Figure

One day, in a prior life, I was bored in the office. In a (successful) attempt to avoid tackling my inbox, this little guy was created.

He lived outside the office window for a few months, suspended from a nearby tree branch. On windy days, he really got a workout.

As I transitioned from that life to the next, he migrated from the tree branch to a collector’s private gallery (ie: a friend’s porch).

Guest Artists – the Nieces

In between working on a couple of paintings I got the nieces to join in on the fun. Here you can see their work from my request to “draw a stick figure”.

Bailee – 10

Ink Stick Figure holding up a sign that says "Kick Me"
I love the bow in her hair!

She saw me working, drawing stick figures with signs and she decided to do the same. You’ve gotta love her sense of humor!

Hannah – 7

Pencil stick figure with a full head of long hair
Getting the hair just right was important!

You could see the wheels turning when I asked her to draw a stick figure, she just wasn’t sure why. But when I convinced her to she made sure to get the hair just right.

Bri- 6

Ink stick figures (and more) by my 6 year old niece
The first two didn’t count

It took a couple of tries to get her to actually draw a stick figure, I got … some other things first. And then I guess we had to go through the Goldilocks process: one too big, one too small, and the third one was just right!

Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But not Simpler

9×6″ Ink & Watercolor on sketch paper

After posting the weather report on my FaceBook page I received a comment about how simple the forecast was. Which made me think about this Einstein quote.

(You can see that the hair and ‘stache from the sketch didn’t make it into this drawing.)

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~ Albert Einstein