Speed gesture drawing

Since I’ve been drawing people in the cafeteria, I realize that my speed needs some work. Even in drawing classes I struggled with gesture drawing, trying to put in too much detail in a very short amount of time. For practice, I found SketchDaily.net, which allows me to set a timer (ie: 30 seconds) and work through sketching people very quickly.

Additionally, since I’ve got a collection of partial sketchbooks from over the years, this gives me the opportunity to finally finish them up! I believe that I inherited the concept that you don’t get rid of unfinished notebooks from my grandparents (learned from growing up in the Great Depression and WWII).

I finally finished the sketchbook that I put together in one of my first college art classes (from the remnants I’d had floating around from years before). Yay! Next up were a few pieces of loose printer paper.