Zero to Artist

Did you ever have the dream of making your living from your art? Maybe you painted, drew, wrote, sculpted, or created in a different way.

Me too. I have always drawn, ever since I can remember. I even went so far as to get an art degree after working as a portraitist for about a year. Then I won best-of-show in a city-wide competition. And then I quit making art.

But now it’s time to start again.

Curious what it takes to become an artist? Join me behind the charcoal as I travel from professional computer guy to artist.

Join Me As I Travel from Zero to Artist

Perhaps you’re curious about what the creative process looks like, what it takes to be a professional artist, or just want some business tips that you could apply to your own career (or maybe want to get some free art along the way.)

Either way, I’ve got you covered.