Art Prompts

Not sure what to draw/paint/create? I’ve put together a few different lists, based on how often you want to make time.

I use these lists for sketching or drawing. “What if I’m a painter?” you might be asking yourself. That’s fine – paint them instead! Writer? Write about them!

You’re the creative sort, take the inspiration prompt and run with it! I’ve got confidence in you! ­čśÇ

My intention when compiling the lists was to only include things that you can observe in your daily lives. Some of them might require traveling somewhere (outside, to a library, to your car) or setting up a still life of some sort with things you likely already have around you. None of them should require extensive preparation or the purchase of anything. If something happens to be inconvenient for you, feel free to draw something else! The goal is simply to remove obstacles that stop you from creating on a regular basis.

Choose whichever set of prompts most piques your interest and receive the art prompts in your inbox. Simply glance at the email, grab your sketchbook/easel and begin work!

Not sure you’ll have time? Set a timer for 15-30 minutes and work until it sounds. Maybe you won’t finish, but you’ll have made far more progress than never getting started!

Daily, for a week

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Not sure if you like the idea? Debating if you have time to sketch every day? This one’s for you. Sign up here and receive 7 ideas for sketch topics over the course of 7 days.

Daily, for a month

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Like the big brother to Daily, for a week prompts, this list provides you with a sketch subject every day for 31 days. Sign up here for daily inspiration.

Weekly, for a month

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No way you can find time every day to draw something? What about just once a week? Sign up here to receive 5 prompts, one each week, and see what you create!

Weekly, for a year

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Continuing with the Weekly, for a month concept, you’ll receive 52 prompts, one each week by signing up here.

Daily, for a year

None of the others are enough? Receive 366 (in case of leap year) prompts in your inbox. Every morning you can start sketching based on your daily subject, for a year!