My One-Sheet Sketchbook

Thought I’d share a few more details about my current one-sheet sketchbook. It’s a single sheet of watercolor paper that I’ve cut into a zig-zag shape and folded down. This means that I can unfold it in sections, up to 4 panels at a time for a long landscape (or vertical) image. It also folds up pretty compactly so I can always keep it tucked in my bag.

When my Granddad passed away I ended up with his leather-working tools and supplies. Included was a folded leather sheet, which I thought would be perfect for a notebook cover. Alas, I’ve never quite found a pre-made notebook that fits right, and so have been carrying it around, empty, for a few years now. While folding this sketchbook I thought that it might work well, that I had found the missing piece of the puzzle.

Here’s the cover itself, and below is the cover with the sketchbook.

Alas, I still haven’t quite solved the mystery of the correct paper size…

But I still enjoy getting to use the leather cover and it provides some protection for my sketchbook, so I’m using it!