Did you ever have the dream of making your living from your art? Maybe you painted, drew, wrote, sculpted, or created in a different way.

Me too. I have always drawn, ever since I can remember. I even went so far as to get an art degree after working as a portraitist for about a year. Then I won best-of-show in a city-wide competition. And then I quit making art.

But now it’s time to start again.

As with so many activities, it’s the daily actions, the regular practice of fundamentals, upon which the foundation is built. To that end, I’m starting with a personal daily sketch challenge for 10 days.

Join in the fun!

Maybe you don’t want to be a professional artist. Perhaps you just enjoy doodling in the margins. Or maybe you are already making a living from your work. Whether you are an enthusiastic doodler, aspiring artist, or already a pro – join me in the sketch-n-share challenge by signing up below.

Let’s Sketch!

Not sure what to do? I’ll guide you through the process via email. Suggestions for materials, finding time to create, ideas of what to sketch, and even subject ideas. Each day of the challenge I’ll send out a reminder/prompt with examples. Know that you’re not creating alone, see each other’s work, and there might even be prizes!

It’s going to be fun!

Here’s the sketch of Half-Dome in Yosemite created in the picture above.
Graphite Sketch of Half Dome